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New retail and omni-channel strategies are important for enhancing the overall retail strategy for brands. Creative digitally focused experience is one way that brands can achieve a higher capacity for connecting to their valued customers. These tools easily connect to e-commerce platforms which helps brands to increase sales online.

3D video and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences will help your brand to enhance the existing brand strategy. These digital services provide a unique virtual space for your valued clients and partners to experience your brand on a whole new level. Our goal is to maximize your offline space by creating new experience online.

The services vary in scope based on the needs of your brand. Here are the key advantages of utilizing one of these new services:

+ Customers can explore the space right now. There is no need to wait until the actual event, launch or opening of your new retail store or experience space. A digital experience creates an immersive environment to bring your brand experience to customers and media partners.

+ Promote your brand. Provide customers with an experience space at the touch of a fingertip. This is a great way for customers to see a sneak peek or have a full experience of what the space will be like when they come in-person in the future.

+ Upgrade your brand image. There’s no better time to enhance your omni-channel strategy than right now. Promoting your brand in a new way will send a message to your customers that your brand is in the future now.

+ Enhance your existing brand strategy. Adapting quickly in a fast-changing and turbulent environment is a true text of your brand strategy. Utilizing new tools that align with your brand strategy in a new way will only help reinforce your brand presence and reliability to your consumers.

There are a few different design packages we offer depending on the needs and goals of your brand.

3D Video of the Space

A 3D walk through helps to showcase the design of the space. Whether it’s of the actual retail store, of a pop-up store, or event space, it allows brands to connect with media partners and customers to create excitement for future in-person events. It can also encourage and inspire consumers to visit the online store and look at products more in-depth.

A 3D video will be created from the rendering design of the retail space.

Key Goals

  • • Showcase the design of a space
  • • Connect with media and clients
  • • Create excitement for future in person events

VR Walkthrough of the Space

A virtual reality walkthrough of a retail space is a more enhanced method of showcasing the design. It give the person an in-person view of the store to make them feel as if they are actually inside of the store. This version of the VR has limited interactive features. The VR walkthrough will encourage and inspire consumers to visit the online store and look at products more in-depth.

Key Goals

  • • Users can walk through the space virtually
  • • Minimal interaction with items in the space
  • • VR from the rendering design or existing space
  • • Provide experience of space
  • • Allows the brand to tell their story in a new way
  • • Evolve from a traditional brand to a future forward brand

VR Interactive Showroom

The interactive VR Showroom facilitates the same connection as a VR walkthrough but incorporates more features. As users walk through the space, they can interact with items in the store. By selecting an item, customers can view a real-life image of the object and read more about the product details and connect to the online store to purchase. Users will also have a more immersive experience into the brand’s story via interaction with different displays and video content.

The features can be tailored towards the customer or media. The focus of the interactive VR showroom can be specific to products, or design details of the store. These two features can also be combined depending on the goals of the brand.

The actual experience will be tailored to best fit the overall needs and goals of the specific brand.

Key Features

  • • Users can walk through the space virtually and interact with different items
  • • Interact with items in the space
  • • Pick up products to see the full details and learn more about the features
  • • Connect to external website or store to purchase products
  • • View video and related content about the brand

Key Goals

  • • Provide experience of space
  • • Allows the brand to tell their story in a new way
  • • Evolve from a traditional brand to a future forward brand

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