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Restaurant Design

We design restaurant concepts for individual or multiple store locations. We believe that design has to achieve strategic goals set by the brand such as an increase of sales revenue, achieve high impact through design that creates a wow-effect that strengthens the brand image and enhances customer loyalty, and ensure construction quality while keeping in mind local construction standards and the overall cost. From design and technical development to project management we can handle any or all parts to achieve your brand’s strategic goals for the market.

Development of the Store Identity Design (SI) for the restaurant brand

A store identity is a concept or set of guidelines that define and position the bran in a 3-dimentional environment that captures the look and feel of the store. A store identity handbook can be similar to marketing guidelines, where the types of store formats, as well as the look and functions of various areas are defined. A store identity project can be shorter and specify only conceptual information, or be very detailed including operational and technical details usually in the form of a handbook.

A store identity can include:

  • • Types of formats: flagship store, concept store, boutique, smaller size store or kiosk, shop-in-shop counters, and pop-up stores or temporary points of sales
  • • Purpose of the stores
  • • Visibility and identification of strategic locations
  • • Customer flow planning
  • • Sizes and area planning for the entrance, store windows and product displays
  • • Materials, colors, textures
  • • Marketing means (POP displays)
  • • Brand history and community walls and elements
  • • Customer experience elements
  • • Technology used in stores
  • • Concept for integration with online channels
  • • Furniture specifications
  • • Product display and visual merchandising props and requirements
  • • Technical and production standards: Dimensions on floor plans, wall elevations and ceiling drawings, material, construction and installation specifications

Based on the requirements of the client, we will develop a shorter conceptual store identity or a full handbook.

Design of Individual Stores

We design individual stores when a brand wants to open one store only at this point of time. This can happen as a concept only, where we develop only the floor plan template, concept board and the 3D renderings, or as a full design project following the process shown further down the page (analysis, schematic design, design development, technical design, and furniture and production design) when the store location has been confirmed already.

While the development of a simple concept takes something between 3-4 weeks, a full design project usually takes 2-3 months.

Rollout Design

We provide rollout store designs for brands that wish to have standardized design and brand identity in their various restaurant store locations. Rollout store designs are adapted for each retail location based on an overall concept store design and brand identity guidelines.

Technical Design

For international luxury brands, headquarters may have a concept design in line with their brand standards to rollout in other markets. After the location is confirmed, technical plans are required and drawing need to be adapted to meet local requirements. We will then develop the missing design development drawings, create the technical and production drawings and can even build the store if this is required. All technical plans are to be handed in to the shopping mall and the fire protection bureau and building authorities in China for approval. When the brand has their own construction partner, we can support with project management to ensure that the construction team strictly follows the brand and design specifications and delivers a retail store with high quality standard.

Technical Design Includes:

  • • Plan adaptation
  • • Drawing creation tailored to specific location
  • • Translation of plans
  • • Furniture adaptation

Below is an overview of the design process.


We can also build store environments based on the existing store concept and technical plans. According to the size and complexity of the project, construction might take six to twelve weeks. Before the opening, the site needs to be inspected by the shopping mall and representatives from the fire protection bureau.

Project Management

When the store conceptual and technical design is ready and the contractor has been confirmed, 5 Star Plus Retail Design offers project management services to ensure projects are completed with the expected quality, within the time and the budget allocated.

Development of the Visual Identity

Every brand needs to define its visual identity (VI) to ensure that the brand positioning and message is communicated across all channels and visual tools. Further a strong visual identity helps to build brand recognition and brand loyalty.

The following elements are often part of a visual identity:

  • • Brand Strategy/Repositioning
  • • Brand Standards Manual
  • • Marketing Collatera
  • • Print Design
  • • Store Identity & Merchandising

Visual identity design packages are customized to fit the needs of individual brands. We also offer simpler graphic design services such as packaging design, the design of promotional gifts or graphic campaigns.

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